Why Yaffe Mobility Consulting?

  • MicroTransit can be financially sustainable if properly structured.  Too many experiments have lacked structure and quickly failed as a consequence.  Yaffe Mobility Consulting has the operational perspective to properly structure MicroTransit services.
  • Steve Yaffe offers decades of service planning, oversight, asking critical questions, proposing and overseeing research projects and promoting awareness of innovative service techniques.
  • Steve Yaffe has structured, overseen and developed functional specifications for Demand Response and fixed route services, including operations, maintenance and software needs.
  • Steve Yaffe has developed grant applications, evaluated grant applications, and advised on the  grant review process.
  • Partnerships are key to success.  Through partnerships, mobility can be offered to all who want a ride.  Steve Yaffe  has experience creating and fostering partnerships. 
  • Technology-driven mobility will evolve to include integration with a multimodal platform for mobility information & payment.  Steve Yaffe has  developed software functionality requirements.
  • Mobility success can be measured in the number of riders served, number of rides provided per service hour, on-time performance, subsidy per ride provided, and accolades.  
  • Because Steve Yaffe has worked consistently as the public sector lead in Demand-Response & Fixed Route Public-Private Partnerships, he has a public service perspective and ethic.  Besides structuring public-private transit operations partnerships, Steve can advise on oversight.