Transit Industry Commentaries

Health Providers' Oversight of Non-Emergency Patient Transpo

  • Several States are encouraging managed care organizations to provide health care services, including non-emergency transportation, to those with Medicaid benefits.  With 40 years' experience, I am able to show MCOs how to oversee the provision of those rides.  
  • I look forward to discussing transportation with you at the Answers on Aging conference late July in New Orleans.  I'll be at the and transportation sessions.  The conference agenda is at 

Transportation Options for Older Adults

Presentation from the 4-28-18  Transportation, Dementia & Caregiving April 2018


Audio link from Aging Matters Discussion of Transit Options in Arlington, VA available at 

First Mile MicroTransit Access to Transit Hubs

The attached presentation was provided to introduce the concept of MicroTransit including service options.

MicroTransit 1st Mile Mont Co slides (pdf)